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Charnwood BC Core Strategy examination - Main Modifications and Sustainability Appraisal consultation

The Charnwood Core Strategy was submitted to the Secretary of State on 20 December 2013 for Independent Examination.  A Public Hearing was held between 9 December 2014 and 16 January 2015.

The Inspector has identified where changes (main modifications) are necessary to make the Core Strategy sound. The Schedule of Main Modifications, along with a Sustainability Appraisal Report on the proposed main modifications, is now published for a six-week period of public consultation commencing today, Monday 13 April and ending at 5pm on Tuesday 26 May 2015.

The Schedule of Main Modifications and the Sustainability Appraisal Report are now available for viewing. To view the Main Modifications please click here. To view the Sustainability Appraisal Report please click here. If you wish to view the Core Strategy please click here.

Any comments on the Schedule of Main Modifications and/or Sustainability Appraisal Report should be made in writing and submitted to me, either by email or by post to my address at the bottom of this email. 

Please note that representations must be received by 5 pm on Tuesday 26 May 2015.

Comments should only be made in relation to the Main Modifications and/or Sustainability Appraisal Report. This consultation is not an opportunity to repeat or raise further representations about the Core Strategy or to seek further changes to it.

Please state each Main Modification number or Sustainability Appraisal reference number you are commenting on and include your full name and address or your comments may not be accepted.

All representations received will be taken into consideration by the Inspector when preparing his report to Charnwood Borough Council.


URGENT - we need your help......

Consultation on outline planning application P/14/1833/2 for development on Garendon for upto 3200 dwellings, 2 no. travellers sites, large industrial units, 2no. primary schools. shops and link road.

Please respond if your views have changed or you have new comments to make regarding the amendments to this application.

Please submit your observations on this proposal by 22 April 2015 by letter to Jacquekine Jackson (case officers) Charnwood Borough Council. Development Management, Southfield Road, Loughborough LE11 2TN. or via email to development.control@charnwood.gov.uk

List of amendments:

Amendments to location of gypsy and traveller site, submission of retail impact assessment and archaeoloical addendum to environmental statement, and submission of the following revised plans;


  • Illustrative Masterplan rev E      click here
  • Parameter plan 5 - Green infrasturcture rev A       click here

List of new concerns from above:

  • No viability report
  • No changes to open water ponds concerns raised by East Midlands Airport
  • Link road design too straight and will become a race strip.
  • Travellers site increased and location poor.
  • Bridleway underpass not compliant
  • Archaeology report shows more historic data that Cotes site and should be preserved.
  • Access map shows balancing ponds as agricultural areas!!!
  • Access map shows floodplain not as EA flood data.
  • Access map fails to show Oakley Wood Cottage as list building