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Open Water Ponds (SUDS) / Bird Strikes

A number of proposed and approved developments are being planned along the Black Brook and adjacent to EA flood zones 2 & 3. The impact of these developments will have consquencies down stream on the Garendon Park & countryside as well as areas within Loughborough and beyond in respect of increased flooding. Most of these applications have failed to take into account they fall within the 13km radius of East Midlands Airport and therefore require consultation. EMA are against open water storage ponds as they attract wildlife / birds which can increase the risk of bird strikes below 2000ft

The particular problem for East Midlands Airport is that there are already large populations of birds in the flooded gravel pits around Shardlow and the River Trent just 2km to the north-west and the Attenborough Nature Reserve to the north-east.  Creating new open-water habitats to the south-west of the airport would encourage birds to travel between the existing habitats, straight across the runways and flightpaths of aircraft using the aerodrome.  No wonder East Midlands Airport has objected to the outline planning application !

see CAA information on birdstrikes in the UK


The following planning applications show the approx. open water storage ponds:

P/14/1833/2 - West of Loughborough (SUE)         13.61 ha

P/14/2080/2 - Hallamford Road                            0.66 ha

P/13/1826/2 - Tickow Lane                                  1.06 ha

P/14/1604/2 - Tickow Lane                                  0.09 ha

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