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Garendon as it is; for all to enjoy

Threat to the Garendon Estate: the last green space between Loughborough, Hathern and Shepshed

You will have seen in the Loughborough Echo that a planning application has been submitted to Charnwood Borough Council by developers Wm David and Persimmon for 3,500 houses on this beautiful and irreplaceable area.

If this application is approved by the Planning Committee, it could preempt all the work and the estimated £2m in developing the Charnwood Borough's Core Strategy.

You might find it useful to know the membership of the
planning committee (click here) Members of the Committee can be disbarred if they have indicated they they had determined their opinion before having heard all the evidence at the Committee Meeting. They should listen to what you have to say, and consider it, but not offer their own opinion.

The Garendon Park and Countryside Protection Group (Local concerned volunteers) are calling an emergency meeting in Gorse Cover Community Centre at 7:00 pm on 10 October 2014 to discuss our strategy in dealing with this threat. Please come.

This web page will be increasingly populated with information that will help you to make formal objections to the proposal and to campaign for the preservation of this valuable green space


It is difficult to believe that the beautiful countryside shown in the video below is being promoted as the preferred location for 3,500 houses.

Gorse Covert meeting 10-10-14

Link to Supporting website

email: neil.gpcpg@gmail.com